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Design, manufacture and service in one hand

Lubeca has established itself as a regular supplier of cans and jar sealers to international customers. We provide you with the best possible service for everything to do with the Maintenance and repair of your Lubeca machine, regardless of its age.

Maintenance & Service

Machine troubles do not know a duty roster and the costs incurred for forced breaks can quickly become far-reaching accept. For this reason, our specialist staff is at your disposal for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance available - in an emergency also at the weekend.
We perform maintenance works during production breaks. If extensive overhauling is required, we have an optimally equipped workshop and an comprehensive spare parts service available.
In addition, we offer you a standardized inspection service for the respective requirements appropriate security updates.

Werkstatt mit umfassendem Ersatzteillager

Seaming Chucks & Seaming Rolls

We manufacture Seaming tools for almost all known seaming machines and for all areas of application.

Verschließwerkzeuge Braunschweig
Verschließmaschinen Braunschweig
Lubeca Braunschweig
Lubeca Niedersachsen
Lubeca Verschließmaschinen
Lubeca Verschließmaschinen
Verschließmaschinen Berlin

Overhaul "Retrofit" of used machines

Through the merger with Hantelmann Verschließtechnik services would also be offered for other seaming machines commonly available on the market.

Verschließmaschinen Verschliesstechnik


Verschließmaschinen Verschliesstechnik

Shape parts and spare parts service

Our company has an optimally equipped workshop. For repairs or overhauls, we can draw on original parts from the Lubeca spare parts warehouse, which contains over 4,000 items. And after two to three decades under production conditions, the machines can be given a second production cycle by means of a general overhaul. Quality "made in Germany".

Formatteile Niedersachsen

complete set of change parts

Formatteile Braunschweig

change parts rectangular LW303


change parts round LW500-600